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How to use a thumbnail when sketching on location: a video lesson from Brave Brushes Studio

If you have done any of our workshops, then you probably know that we believe in the power of a thumbnail (so much that we even use thumbnails as a separate sketching technique -- check out these workshop recordings)

This lesson is part of the Travel Sketching Adventure in Brave Brushes Studio. It highlights the benefits of using a thumbnail and explains how to transfer a thumbnail to your main sketch. 

This lesson comes from Brave Brushes Studio, our membership community for amateur artists and urban sketchers. The community helps artists improve their technique, sketch regularly, and meet other artists. The membership includes monthly Adventures (a series of video lessons on a chosen topic for focused practice), a library of resources (all of Julia's courses and workshop recordings), regular live Q&A sessions and live sketching sessions.

IF YOU ARE A BRAVE BRUSHER: you already have this lesson in the library (as well as the rest of our archive of Skillshare classes, workshop recordings and courses). 

Happy sketching! And don't forget to share your artwork on Instagram: tag us @bravebrushes and use #bravebrushes_advent and #juliahenze_learnwithme so we can see your projects!

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