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There can never be too many gifts, right? And if you are an artist, you can never have too many art supplies. When I compiled my previous list of 12 great gifts for sketchers, I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't fit all of my favorites into just one post. So here's another collection of great gifts any artist would love to get, myself included.

In this post, I've tried a slightly different approach: the gifts are divided into categories, and I have tried to give you a few options within each category.

Naturally, the post contains a lot of links to products, most of which are affiliate links. This means I get a small commission when you buy something (at no extra cost to you). This allows me to keep producing free high-quality content both on my blog and Instagram.


The book cover "Au Japon!" illustrated by Albert Kiefer, a great Dutch alcohol marker sketcher and a teacher on a learning platform Domestika.

Albert Kiefer Au Japon!

Albert Keifer is a Dutch artist and a Domestika teacher who sketches with markers. We work together on a great project a while ago, and it is an honor to be recommending a book illustrated by such an amazing person and artist.

Looking at his beautiful sketches will definitely be a fascinating artistic experience. You will get inspired and pick up a few ideas for your own art. Turning over pages and just looking at something so beautiful is truly precious in our digital age.

Buy on Amazon

Felix Scheinberger Dare to Sketch. A Guide to Drawing on the Go.

An experienced urban sketcher with a very distinct style, Felix is a great teacher too. His book is full of easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tips that both amateur artists and experienced sketchers will find useful. This book is a must-have for any urban sketcher!

Buy on Amazon

Anna Sokolova Brilliant Inks. A step-by-step guide to creating in vivid color.

As the title of the book suggests (and the colorful cover, too!), this book is your solution if you're looking to add some vivid colors to your sketches.

Anna is a fellow teacher and a very talented artist whom I greatly respect and admire.

Buy on Amazon

I have yet to write a book of my own. Every time I sit down to create Skillshare classes or get ready for live workshops, I feel I have so much to share that I have to restrain myself from trying to teach you everything that I know in a single workshop. A book seems like a great idea, and I am immensely proud of my colleagues for publishing theirs!

While I dream about writing a book, you can read my blog posts and weekly newsletters! Subscribe in the form and get a free PDF tutorial (which is one of my baby steps toward the book).


How can you not fall in love with them? They are very spacious and compact at the same time. Here is a choice of three, but it's a really tough choice. Full disclosure: I do not have any of them. Yet! But with the holidays coming up, I am hoping Santa can take a hint! :)

Buy on Amazon

Buy on Amazon (pink)

Buy on Amazon (mint)

I mean, how can you pick just one? I want all three.


Colored Ink: this is a great set for those who love ink and for those who are just starting with ink. I do not write about ink very often because I tend to choose gouache and watercolors for my sketches most of the time. I have a detailed post about ink supplies, but if you are looking for something to give to an ink fan, get this set by Winsor & Newton!

Buy on Amazon | Splendith

Metallic Ink: the beauty of this gift, apart from the shiny colors, is that it is not exactly a 'necessity'. You can easily do without metallics. That's why most sketchers would not buy them for themselves, but would be super excited to get them as a gift.

Buy on Amazon


Copic Ciao markers, set of 36.

You don't usually hear me talking about brands other than Winsor & Newton, but I do use and love them, too.

This Copic set consists of beautiful color that work great together. The price is good for a set of 36. This should cover your sketching needs. Copic markers are refillable, which also makes them a great choice.

Buy on Amazon


Here the name speaks for itself! The only downside to Promarkers is that they are rarely in stock on Amazon. Here are a couple of sets you can buy on Splendith (a Dutch online shop).

Sets of 6 do not offer a wide range within one set, but you can choose a set with the color combinations that you need. The 24-marker set is a good starting point for your Promarker collection. There are enough colors to experiment with.

Set of 6, buy on Splendith

Set of 24, buy on Splendith


This is another great gift for any artist! Watercolor paper is expensive, so you can never have too much. Arches has a reputation for being expensive, but not all of its paper is!

The more expensive pads are glued on all four sides, which makes them convenient to use as the paper doesn't buckle. At the same time, such pads are more costly to produce.

The sketching pad I recommend is 100 % cotton, glued on one side. To prevent it from buckling, use some masking tape all around the edges to keep the top sheet in place and well-stretched.

Buy on Amazon

Buy on Splendith


Some sketchers do not know about these amazing portable watercolors. Unlike traditional paints, they do not come in tubes or pans. They come in the form of a little notebook filled with bright, vibrant, beautiful colors. I always have Viviva sheets in my bag, even in the tiniest purse. You will need a water brush (a brush with a small reservoir for water) to complete this most portable sketching kit ever.

Buy Viviva colorsheets on Amazon

Buy Faber-Castell Art and Graphic Water Brush on Amazon

Check out this post to discover what's inside my 'tiny-purse' kit.


There are tons of brush pens on the market, but these Japanese pens are my all-time favorite. The black ink is very rich and water-resistant, the rubber grip feels great in your hand, the five different sizes cover all your needs. A great gift for any sketcher, yourselves included!

Buy on Amazon

What's on your wish list this year? Share in the comments! I would love to hear from you.


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