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How to paint a brick wall: a video lesson from Brave Brushes Studio

No urban sketch is complete without textures. Textures make your artwork more realistic, deep, and engaging. 

You can use colored pencils, fineliners, brush pens, and paints to create textures. This lesson shows how to paint a brick wall with watercolors. 

This lesson comes from Brave Brushes Studio, our membership community for amateur artists and urban sketchers. The community helps artists improve their technique, sketch regularly, and meet other artists. The membership includes monthly Adventures (a series of video lessons on a chosen topic for focused practice), a library of resources (all of Julia's courses and workshop recordings), regular live Q&A sessions and live sketching sessions.

IF YOU ARE A BRAVE BRUSHER: you already have this lesson in the library, but a little bird told us you haven't done it yet! :) It is the bonus lesson of our Textures Adventure. 

The Textures Adventure helps you to learn how to 

  • draw brick, stone, wood, glass, and pavement textures with fineliners

  • paint brick walls with watercolors

  • create beautiful wood textures with watercolors

  • draw roof tiles with markers


Happy sketching! And don't forget to share your artwork on Instagram: tag us @bravebrushes and use #bravebrushes_advent and #juliahenze_learnwithme so we can see your projects!

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