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Greenery in Urban Sketching: How to Draw Textures and Details

Today's video is a lesson from my course Greenery in Urban Sketching for Beginners. The course was originally published on Skillshare but is now available separately. This course is also included, along with my other Skillshare classes, in Brave Brushes Studio, a monthly membership for artists. 

Greenery in Urban Sketching is a 90-minute course designed to help you learn how to draw greenery, how to integrate it into an urban scene and develop your own style of drawing greenery. Every lesson ends with some exercises that will help you improve your drawing skills. And, of course, there are a lot of inspiring examples and useful tips for you.


In this course, you will:

  • Learn the general rules of drawing greenery in an urban scene. We will talk about the importance of seeing a scene like a theatre stage and focusing on the most interesting parts;

  • Discover how to draw a tree with simple shapes;

  • Practice drawing textures and details;

  • Learn how to do shadowing;

  • And find out how to color the greenery using watercolor, so it looks fresh and attractive.

Below is a lesson devoted to drawing textures and details. Enjoy! 

To buy the Greenery in Urban Sketching course, click here

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